Tips for writing better emails

With an estimated 247 billion* emails sent daily and the average UK worker receiving at least 121** of those, improving the chance of being read is paramount. Even if those emails are required to be read, ensuring that they follow best practise can help create exactly the right impression.

Below are nine tips to help yours make the cut rather than the basket.

  • Send emails Tuesday morning (10–11 am).
  • Personalised subject line – shorter the better (many viewed on phone) – between 6–10 words.
  • Be absolutely clear and keep it short – we scan emails for detail quickly.
  • Don’t use the word “just” – it downplays the importance of the task.
  • Avoid the use of emoji’s in business emails – questions about (work) competence.
  • Email étiqueté depends on the country – eg South America like pleasantries first/Germany prefer simple and to the point. Silence or not replying is taken as a sign of respect in South East Asia.
  • If email is really short put it in the subject line and add EOM (End of Message) at the end.
  • If you don’t require a reply add NNTR (No need to reply).

The BBC recently made a short video outlining these (and other) key points.

*Jeremy Taylor, 20 Email Marketing Statistics for UK Businesses,

**, The Shocking Truth About How Many Emails Are Sent,  March 2019