Quotes with the click of a button

Quotes with the click of a button

coding, online platforms, SEO, SEM, UI/UX

Quotes with the click of a button

User experience planning was critical to providing a forward-thinking company with an efficient, cutting edge online quoting system.

The brief 

Aaduki is a market leader in providing insurance to photographers and videographers.

As a forward-looking company, our lead developer was asked to create the facility for customers to obtain online quotes. At the time, this was one of the first such systems of this type to be built!

The solution

An efficient multi-step process has been created to break up the information gathering process.

  • Thorough user experience planning and testing
  • Any entered information can be saved part-way supporting multiple visits
  • Behind the scenes, complex mathematical models calculate customer quotes from the data added
  • On acceptance of a quote, a user is filtered efficiently to payment
  • An automated scheduled email system then sends out renewal notices

The website has since undergone a facelift, with changes to the original web design. The simplicity of the online quoting system remains however, demonstrating the effectiveness of the original system put in place.

You can visit the Aaduki website by using the link shown below.


The impact

The introduction of the system – coupled with a comprehensive SEO/SEM campaign – directly translated to a reduction in man-hours sending renewal notices and handling phone calls.

Pic showing a close up of the current Aaduki website

Dan is a very proficient web developer. For well over a decade, he has provided Aaduki with first-class technical support. Always willing to find ways to solve problems and with a wide range of skills, has assisted in the expansion of our business. He helped us with the development of several quote and buy websites which increased our sales, as well as other web-based projects. I would not hesitate to recommend services from Dan and the team.”

Ray Colenutt

Client Director, Aaduki Multimedia Insurance

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Helping Accessibility Services increase its bottom line

Helping Accessibility Services increase its bottom line

Data Segmentation, Email Marketing, Lead Management, SEO

Helping Accessibility Services increase its bottom line

Accessibility Services is company that helps organisation websites and media be accessible to all and with more than 30 years’ experience, working with central and local government, private sector and charities across the UK and internationally.

The brief 

Help the business unit to go from breaking even to profitable.

The impact

A dramatic improvement in revenue through customer segmentation, sales training, lead management, email marketing, utilising strategy relationships with local authorities and other partners, maximising the ‘call to actions’ in all communications.

The team set up a simple customer relationship management system, for Accessibility Services, to ensure the sales process is managed easily by multiple team members. This transformed Accessibility Services from an organisation which broke even financially to a profitable business within one year.

The other major win was having a separate strategy for existing clients to make sure they are communicated with regularly to maximise revenue. The strategy utilises email marketing and an effective account management process.

Impact in numbers

Email campaigns delivered.

Contacts segmented and organised.


Email open rate success.

“Mark goes the extra mile to understand business needs so that an effective marketing approach can be implemented, to obtain the commercial results required. He is willing to share his knowledge and expertise in order to up-skill those he works with, thereby leaving a lasting legacy. Mark’s passion and enthusiasm is infectious creating a positive working environment for all those he engages with. It has been a pleasure working together.”

Julie Cable

Operations Manager, Accessibility Services

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