A message which works for all

A message which works for all

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A message which works for all

A large employee owned organisation which provides services in industries as wide ranging as Early Years education to Justice, working in 40 prisons.

The brief 

The organisation had grown to provide services to more people from many walks of life but hadn’t refreshed its messaging for some years and needed a simple message that could work for all audiences.

The impact

Fun, interactive workshops with a cross section of colleagues at the organisation, helped identify key threads of the messaging. This was then worked up to create new values, a new purpose – rather than vision and mission along with a simple tag line which was versatile and worked for all. Commissioners and customers alike responded positively to it. Colleagues felt it represented the work they do and are proud to use it. From the tagline all the corporate messaging and branding was developed.

Impact in numbers

Focus groups to cover the UK.

Staff from all levels of the business participated.

Additional online poll/survey responses collated.

“This was a complex project involving multiple stakeholders and events, it required diplomacy and creativity. The team handled all this brilliantly. They took all the feedback then developed messaging which works across the organisation and has stood the test of time.”

Andrew Coates

Director of Sales and Marketing, Prospects

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