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Writing a website for women workers

Global Charity, ActionAid tasked Comma with copywriting a campaign website focused on women and work.

The brief 

Copywrite campaign website along with news articles and downloads to promote a global campaign with two discrete but complementary parts. The first is to stop violence against women at work. The second is lift the burden of care and domestic responsibility that women face and make sure the state is providing public services which every citizen needs such as access to safe water, education and health provisions.

The impact

A new, clear, plain English campaign website which encourages visitors to take action to further the campaign.

In addition to the copywriting, Comma gave social media and campaign communication advice.

“We Are Comma produced fantastic copy which took a complex message and simplified it so everyone can understand what our campaign is all about. They met our deadlines and gave useful advice too. We look forward to working with We Are Comma again in the future.”

Marcelo Montenegro


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