Recommended Listening

Recommended Listening

Recommended Listening

I read this article recently by Richard Fogg of CCGroup, on why curiosity is so important for PR professionals – and how to feed it. It inspired me to think about my favourite career-related podcasts. I love to stick a podcast on while I am working so, in no particular order, my recommended listening includes:

Beyond Today

Bills itself as “News built to last”. It takes a news story and then looks at it more depth and considers what it means for the future etc.

Political thinking

Nick Robinson talks about what’s really going on in British politics. Nick Robinson is one of my favourite journalists. His insight is great. His interviews are brilliant. He always seems to ask the right question.

The Disrupters

A really interesting podcast interviewing entrepreneurs by Kamal Ahmed and Rohan Silva.

Fortunately pod cast

I love this behind the scenes insight into radio. Jane and fi are engaging, the guests are interesting which all adds up to a captivating podcast.


Who doesn’t love a TED talk?! Thousands of talks on wide ranging themes.

This all seems like a lot of BBC podcasts. What am I missing? What else is good?


Photo by Simon Abrams on Unsplash