Building a relationship to move forward

Building a relationship to move forward

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Building a relationship to move forward

Setting up a CRM system that was fit for purpose required thorough research and testing. The results delivered a robust system that successfully automated tasks and saved staff from hours of data entry.

The brief 

Cube Direct sources products from a large global network of suppliers. A robust solution was required to manage existing supplier data, alongside an efficient process to enter new details onto the system.

The solution

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system was thoroughly researched, tested and deployed.

  • Three separate Zoho applications have been integrated, automating much that was previously required to be entered by hand

  • Emails to suppliers are automatically scheduled, with an online platform that allows suppliers to register and update their details

  • A mixture of coding (PHP, jquery and Zoho’s proprietary language) was written to handle any bespoke aspects required

    To see the range and variety of products that the supplier has to offer you can visit the site by using the link shown below.

    The impact

    The CRM has been a success, releasing office man-hours and ensuring supplier information is always up to date. Future development will include increased functionality for the issuing of quotes, automatic supplier selection and customer billing.

    Pic showing several Cube Direct website pages

    Working with a diverse range of suppliers from all over the world, we required a CRM that allows us to select exactly the suppliers we require to make our products. Using Zoho CRM as a basis, we worked with Dan and the team to produce an efficient solution that matched our requirements. Significant hurdles were encountered, but with custom development and the integration of other Zoho products, these were overcome, and we very much look forward to advancing the next stages of the CRM build.”

    Janet Johnson

    Head Account Handler, Cube Direct

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