Presenting a picture of the data

Presenting a picture of the data

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Presenting a picture of the data

Designing an effective visual solution to display complex background maths calculations led to scripting in three different programming languages. The result was a web application to be used as a tool in the battle against diabetes.

The brief 

A graphical solution was required to display data entered into an NHS online calculator to show the probability of a child developing Type-1 diabetes later in life.

The calculations were complex, and the real-time interplay between the maths, user interface, and the graphical elements presented a challenge.

The solution

A simple uncluttered layout was designed so as to support ease of use for all users.

  • Three different programming languages used to create the final interface
  • Real-time interaction with the background calculations
  • Standard data entry inputs to ensure user familiarity (ie sliders, radio buttons and check boxes) 
  • Simple use of colour and icons to support results output

This important tool supports the latest ground-breaking data in Diabetes research.

The impact

Whilst the appearance may be clean and uncluttered, the application has the opportunity to make a considerable impact on the battle against diabetes. Used as one of the tools available, an early warning predictor can allow individuals to make changes to avoid health issues later in life.

Pic showing a close up of a computer screen with some results showing

Mark Mitchell is a true professional. Over the last two years he has provided dmh associates with first-class technical support. Mark is always willing to find ways to solve problems and has the dual expertise of digital and marketing. He really helped with the development of our first Virtual International Conference with over 400 delegates and speakers which was an amazing success! He also backed this up with an innovative social networking platform and a Digital Resource Toolkit. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark’s services.”

Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE

Director, DMH and Associates Ltd

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