Creative to engage young people

Creative to engage young people

Animation and motion graphics, Branding, Design

Creative to engage young people

The Gloucestershire Youth Support Team (YST) works with approximately 6,000 vulnerable young people across the county, more than 90% of whom say it has made a difference to their lives. The YST is run by Prospects on behalf of Gloucestershire County Council, in a partnership

The brief 

YST tasked us with creating a new brand identity to be relevant to the young people they work with and yet professional.

The impact

The design team created bold shapes that allowed for either block contrast colour overlay or for a window through to an image.

Specific patterns (and colours) were developed to identify (and differentiate) the various strands of service but applied in such a way to still allow for general recognition of the Gloucestershire YST brand.

The brand has been applied to signage, office design, wall graphics and colour schemes too. Consideration given to assist team/department identification especially within office space (collectively shared or otherwise).

“The brand developed by the team is flexible and appealing to the young people we work with, as the team worked with service users to design and develop it. In addition, the team created a more ‘corporate or partnership’ version for us, which enables us to target our messaging appropriately for our different audiences. Our brand is well recognised. I would recommend the designers.”

Alison Williams

Director of Children and Young People’s services, Prospects

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