A simplified process to matching results

A simplified process to matching results

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A simplified process to matching results

Careful planning and coding experience of web applications were required to provide a robust online platform that ensured a smooth process for GPs to match patient data to their separately sent samples at the lab.

The brief 

Members of our team were briefed to build an online platform for the University of Exeter Medical School that allows GPs to submit patients’ blood results to an online database for laboratory analysis.

As you’d expect for confidential information, security of patient data and robustness of system was paramount.

The solution

A simple step process was introduced to ensure efficiency and ease of compliance. The steps were logical and reduced the possibility of errors in the matching of any details and samples.

  • Patient information is logged onto the platform by a GP

  • The data is then anonymised, with a unique barcode generated

  • Code printed off and stuck to the blood sample container

  • Samples are posted to the laboratory where patient data and blood samples are married up, ready for analysis

The platform is live and is proving an efficient pipeline for those requiring the lab services. On going evaluation of the process and system has helped to keep the system fit for purpose.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data being handled, visuals and access to this project are limited.


The impact

Extending far beyond this project, the research and development time invested in this platform has meant that the team have been able to develop a solution that can easily be incorporated into future university medical projects and applications.

Pic showing the close up of a computer screen showing the Exeter login screen

We commissioned Dan to build this ground breaking platform that enables clinicians to register and submit research participant data remotely and upload biochemistry results from analyses of the participants’ blood and urine samples by our NHS laboratories. This platform could easily be reappropriated for other designs of research study and associated biochemistry tests.”

Michelle Hudson

Research Project Manager, University of Exeter Medical School

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